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egg of the day
Eggs of the Day; “meaty” or “veggie”.  $13
These consist of two poached or scrambled organic free range eggs, toasted baguette and whatever takes our fancy
that day. It could be baked polenta with roasted mushrooms and salsa verde or braised local, free range bacon with celeriac
puree and caramelised pearl onions.
Scrambled or poached w/ baked polenta, caramelized pearl onion, roasted portabellini mushrooms and herb goat's cheese + toasted baguette $13
House toasted muesli with organic yoghurt flavoured with seasonal fruits, spices or honey $7
Marci’s Arborio rice pudding with seasonal fruits and nuts. Perhaps rose-scented rhubarb and pistachios or vanilla-lime
soaked pineapple and toasted almonds $7
Free range organic eggs (poached, boiled or scrambled) and toasted baguette “soldiers” $6
Toasted baguette with ricotta and honey or seasonal house made jams such as fig and rosemary or pear-
cranberry-ginger $4.50 House made jams 50c
*On weekends we serve Brioche French Toast with seasonal fruit, toasted nuts and vanilla whipped mascarpone $12
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