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“Food is family, family is life, life is everything.” George Calombaris

  Little Nest opened in June 2007 and has been a neighbourhood favourite ever since. Located just off Commercial Drive
at 1716 Charles St., Little Nest is a haven for foodies and families alike. Owner and pastry chef, Mary Macintyre set out to
create an environment that felt like home, surrounded by friends. With a strong sense of community, she wanted a space
that welcomed children, encouraged adults to connect and for all to feel nurtured and well fed. Little nest is a place
where kids can be kids and the grownups still feel grown up.

Little Nest serves breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. The food is fresh, local and organic wherever possible,
always imaginative and inspired. The coffee is organic and fair trade. The daily-baked cakes, cookies and muffins are legendary.

Types of Sausage Spices in Calgary

Do you want to make sausages in Calgary City? Calgary is in Canada’s Alberta province. Many consumers nowadays prefer to make their sausages at home. The main benefits are that you get to choose the type of meat to use, create several blends of spices, and seasonings. You also measure the amount of fat and salt in your sausages meat. One of the main ingredients of sausages is sausage spices. This post gives you types of sausage spices Calgary to use.

  • Ground Spices
When searching for sausage spices Calgary, you should consider ground spices. These are fine ground spices that blend with your meat mixture. They also give your sausages more flavors as are a result of their increased surface area.

It enables them to release volatile oils into to the spices. They most famous of these spices include ginger, coriander, chili peppers and cayenne.

  • Whole Spices
Another type of sausage spices Calgary to use are the whole spices. When utilized in the right combination, they ensure that your sausages taste better.

Some of the whole spices you should use include bay leaves, coarse pepper, pickling spices and whole peppercorns. The best way to prepare them is by using recipes that show you how to use the right combinations of whole spices.

  • Onions
Sausage spices Calgary also include dehydrated and chopped onions. Dehydrated onions are ideal as you can purchase them and store them for future use. Fresh onions can also get used as a result of their taste, smell and texture.

Their downside is that they make your eyes to burn and also take long to chop. That makes you spend a lot of time, especially when preparing for large barbecues.

  • Garlic
Garlic is another type of sausage spices Calgary. That’s because fresh ones have the taste, smell and texture (trifecta) that you look for in garlic. The downside of them is that they spoil fast.

That means you should consider granulated garlic, which has less aroma. Its main advantages are that it can last up to a year if properly stored, for example, out of heat and light.

What to Keep In Mind

When making sausages, one type of salt to avoid is iodized salt. The reason is that salt has an important duty when making sausages.

It means you need to use high-quality salt. Salt flavors, preserves, and helps to bind your sausages together. Consider using canning salt, purified salt or kosher flake salt.


Purchasing sausage spices Calgary should be easier using the above guide. Make sure you use recipes when preparing your sausages at home for the best results.

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Our kitchen closes at 3pm daily, we are still open for coffee, tea and sweet things until 4pm.
We will be closed December 24, 25, 26 and New Years Day

Little Nest has counter service. We do not take reservations.
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